Games for decorating rooms. Fishing bathroom decor. Medieval decorations

Games For Decorating Rooms

games for decorating rooms

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games for decorating rooms - Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy Giant Room Decorating Kit 21ct

Holiday Joy Giant Room Decorating Kit 21ct

Dress up your room for Christmas with this Holiday Joy Giant Room Decorating Kit. Holiday Joy decorating kit uses the classic red, green and gold Christmas colors to get you in the holiday spirit. Holiday Joy Giant Room Decorating Kit includes:2 Foil Swirls, 36in2 Foil Swirls with 4in Attachments, 24in2 Cardboard Cutouts, 15in2 Cardboard Cutouts, 12in1 printed cutout, 12in1 Printed Cutout, 9in3 Printed Cutouts, 5 3/4in2 String Decorations, 4ft2 String Decorations, 3ft2 Foil Fringe Garlands, 10ft x 15in2 Foil Fringe Garlands, 10ft x 5inNylon String, 50ft

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This is another game I play on Facebook. It's called YoVille. My friends ( I have 12) and I all live in this apartment building and work at the Sweets Factory making baked goods. We receive money and points for our work. It used to be a Widget factory, but changed to baked goodies yesterday. Why? I don't know. I do make more money now. The apartment comes with nothing in it. So everything you see is my decorating. All my rooms are furnished. It's always a work in progress though. (Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm anal and somewhat OCD. :-P I hate clutter). We have a gym, casino, race track, fashion store, YoDepot, diner, furniture store, music store, realty, pet store, fishing at the beach, flower and gift shop, I think that's about it.

Exciting Hidden Object game - Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction.

Exciting Hidden Object game - Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction.

Hanna Harlow, the hostess of the world`s favorite decorating television show, is looking for the next design superstar in Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction! Find the exact items you need in the yard sales of Lucky Junction, and create divine decor out of derelict debris. Redesign rooms in your neighbor`s homes, and propel yourself into T.V. stardom in this exciting and fun Hidden Object game.

games for decorating rooms

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